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THE 2018 KICKBALL SEASON IS UPON US!  Registration is open to returning teams from July 9 through July 25.  Registration will open to new teams from July 26 through August 3.  All league fees are due by August 3.  See the Start Up document linked above for all pertinent information.

MANDATORY Pre-Season League Meeting - Thursday, August 16 @ 6:30 PM @ NT Recreation Dept. (500 Wheatfield Street)

Do not forget to have players sign the player waiver/liability form for your team before  your game starts. If you haven't handed a copy in to the recreation office before today, the umpires at each field will be checking to see they are signed before the game begins. A copy can be printed from the link at the top of this page.

A coin flip will determine the home team in all regular season games.

The higher seeded team will be home in all playoff games.

The winning team is responsible for calling or emailing the final game score by 12:00 midnight the night of the game or else the game will be recorded a loss for both teams.

Scores can be reported (1) of (4) ways....
1. Call 695-8520 ext. 5511 and leave voicemail
2. Text 471-7626
4. Tweet @ntrecreation

In the case of inclement weather, call the sports hotline at 695-8520 and press 1 anytime after the sound of the automated voice. 

Game cancellations due to inclement weather will also be reported via Twitter (@ntrecreation).

For any questions please contact the league commissioner at 695-8520 ext. 5511 or email [email protected] Email is preferred.

*Field Locations
Felton Field = Thompson St. behind City Hall
Stenzil Field = Stenzil St. between Oliver St. & Payne Ave.
Gilmore Field = corner of 11th Ave. and Carr St. behind Memorial Pool
Martinsville Field = corner of Eddy Dr. and Wall St.
Stenzil Field = Stenzil St. between Oliver St. and Payne Ave.

League Supervisor: Mike Miranto, Recreation Program Supervisor